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Adult Medical Operating Protocols

The following Adult Protocols are all effective January, 2010 unless dated otherwise. Each link is to a pdf file which can be printed.

AP-004 Cardiac Care
    Revised - October, 2017
AP-005 CPR/ AED Use

AP-006 Hypertension

AP-007 Hypoglycemia

AP-008 Hypothermia

AP-009 Nausea And Vomiting

AP-010 Submersion

AP-012 Pain Management

AP-013 Poisening/ Overdose

AP-014 Respiratory Distress: Airway Obstruction

AP-015 Respiratory Distress: Pulmonary Edema

AP-016 Respiratory Distress: COPD

AP-017 Respiratory Distress: Asthma

AP-018 Agitated Combative Patient

AP-019 Seizures

AP-021 Shock

AP-022 Trauma
Revised December, 2018
AP-023 Burns

AP-24 Extremity Trauma and Hemorrhage Control
Revised December, 2018
AP-025 Eye Injuries

AP-026 Head Injuries

AP-027 Chest Trauma

AP-028 Nosebleed

AP-029 EtCO2

AP-031 Naloxone
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