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(4 hours)

(4 hours)

Thursday, June 20 - Monday, June 24

20th - 8:00 am in Washburn
24th - 6:00 pm in Iron River

Bayfield County Emergency Management secured grant funding to provide this four-hour training to public officials and public safety personnel. This training may serve as your annual refresher in HazMat Awareness.

This training fulfills SPS 330 and 332 requirements for public sector personnel “who may witness or discover a hazardous substance release”. This includes all public safety personnel as we may encounter hazardous materials incidents in the basement of a house, in the garage that is on fire, or anywhere as we drive our local roads.

This training will include an overview of the types of hazardous materials and their risks, recognize the presence, identify the product when possible, the effective use of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG), need for additional resources, and immediate decision making to protect the themselves and the public. Our instructor is an employee of WITC. ERGs will be given to participants who wish to have a copy.

Please take advantage of this training opportunity. It will illustrate the need for grant funding in the future. And if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you,

Jan Victorson, Director
Bayfield County Emergency Management

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