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EMT Discussion Topics

I have been continuously impressed with the high-quality of care and high-level of interest displayed by all EMTs involved in Bayfield and Ashland County EMS.

This section will address issues and concerns that I think have wide-ranging impact throughout the county. There is much new information and research coming out all the time that has the potential to change our practice. I hope to disseminate relevant information out to all of you that will encourage discussion.

You are encouraged to make a comment at the bottom of the page about the post. The initial post I make is public for all to see, however you must login to make a post or view posts others have made. Your posts will only be visible to other EMT's that are logged in.

If you have topics or thoughts that may be of interest to others, please let me know through email and I will try to include them in future postings.

(As a disclaimer, this section will be used for dissemination of public information and no confidential material regarding providers or patients must ever be posted.)

Thanks for your interest and all the great care you provide. I look forward to the discussions.

Dr. Jonathan Shultz

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