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  • President - Tam Hofman
  • Vice President - Brett Friermood
  • Secretary - Jan Victorson
  • Treasurer - Steve Cordes
The Council performs many duties including:
  • Contracts a Medical Director for the services
  • Facilitates communications with county offices in the two counties
  • Facilitates Standard Operating Guidelines for the services
  • Provides a common ground for communications between the services
  • Coordinates training opportunities
  • Prepares grants that will benefit all the services
  • Provides representation at the State level
The following links are to county maps showing the areas covered by each service:

Bayfield Map

Bayfield ambulance service jurisdictions. Barnes service also covers a small adjoining area in Douglas county.

Ashland Map

Ashland ambulance service jurisdictions.


Did you know this organization started the initiative for the Funding Assistance Program which helps fund ambulance services in the state?

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